aurora metallic bong vase
purple glass bowl aurora bong vase
mouth piece aurora bong vase
metallic wide base aurora vase bong
female holding bowl and aurora vase bong

Aurora Iridescent Vase Bong

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Long gone are the days of hiding your bong. Introducing the "Aurora" from My Bud Vase- a generously sized bong that doubles as a decorative vase when not in use.

Aurora Package includes: Vase, Custom Slide, Fixed Downstem, Faux Purple Rose Flower Poker, Faux Peacock Feather, MBV tag & Certificate of Authenticity.


  • Chromatic iridescent finish
  • Generously sized round base
  • Custom-sized glass slide


  • Vase: 8'H x 5"W
  • Slide: 9mm
  • Bowl: 4"
  • 7mm Thick Glass
  • Handmade in the USA

Lost or broke a piece? No problem! Contact us to purchase replacement parts.


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