nightingale ceramic bong with flower and tray
floral ceramic bong with clear herb bowl and tray
clear bowl and stem ceramic vase bong
Nightingale Bong Vase
blue pattern detail ceramic catchall tray
blue pattern detail mini ceramic bong
Nightingale Bong Vase
flower in mouthpiece of mini bong

Nightingale Bong Vase

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Long gone are the days of hiding your bong. Introducing the "Nightingale" from My Bud Vase- a mini water pipe that doubles as a decorative vase when not in use. 

All accessories are included: Vase, Tray, Custom Bowl, Faux White Rosette Flower Poke, MBV tag & Certificate of Authenticity.


  • Handmade glazed ceramic bong
  • Classic Chinese inspired pattern- assorted patterns- all each piece is unique
  • Matching tray to be used for herbs, jewelry, etc...


  • Vase: 4.5" H x 3"W
  • Tray: 4" x 4"
  • Slide 9mm long
  • Bowl 2.75" W
  • Made in the USA
* Floral arrangements vary slightly. 


Nightingale is a symbol of immortality, beauty, and freedom among the world's troubles. Perfect for those moved by romanticism and exotic treasures. 

"Whether you enjoy the piece quietly by your windowsill or gift it as a subtle addition to your mother's China cabinet, the Nightingale is the perfect partner for someone who carries a magnificent melody in their soul." - My Bud Vase

Lost or broke a piece? No problem! Contact us to purchase replacement parts. 

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