stacked marble roast and toast pipe mugs
woman smoking weed out of coffee mug pipe
woman holding fresh coffee and weed in roast toast mug
blue marble coffee mug pipe
pink brown marble coffee mug pipe
olive green marble coffee mug pipe
blue ceramic mug hollow pipe handle
green ceramic mug hollow pipe handle
pink ceramic mug hollow pipe handle
blue ceramic functional pipe mug in one
pink ceramic functional pipe mug in one
green ceramic functional pipe mug herb bowl

Dynamic Duo: Roast & Toast Mug Set

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Mug #1 Color
Mug #2 Color
Set includes:
(2) Roast & Toast Mugs
Available in: Blue Skies, Green Fields, Pink Sands
* Mix or Match *


Perk up your morning routine with this mug/pipe combo! Enjoy as a coffee mug or cereal bowl with your morning hit. Attached to the mug is a fully functioning dry herb pipe with a carb. The smoke filters up through the hollow handle to the mouthpiece on the top. It's the perfect wake-and-back experience without the hassle of rolling a J. 


  • Ceramic mug that holds ~ 11 oz. 
  • Microwave & dishwasher safe
  • Stands 4" tall and 5.5" wide

Available in marble patterns of Blue, Pink, & Green