milky periwinkle laundry day glass tanjun pipe
milky pink laundry day glass tanjun pipe
milky purple laundry day glass tanjun pipe in packaging
milky purple tanjun pipe carb hole
laundry day milky pink carb hole
tanjun pipe teal purple pink honey amber clear
laundry day milky purple tanjun pipe decor
laundry day milky pink tanjun decor
amber glass tanjun pipe on shelf
two women holding clear tanjun pipes
laundry day glass tanjun pipe cleaning instructions

Opaque Tanjun Pipe

Regular price $48.00


Introducing Laundry Day's "Milky" Tanjun Pipe- an opaque variation of the classical transparent version. Named after the Japanese word for simplicity, the Tanjun's elegant glass design doubles as an incense holder or a decorative piece of art. 


  • 3"L x 3"H x 1"W
  • Durable Borosilicate glass

Handmade in Vancouver, BC, Canada

Looking for a more hypnotic experience? Check out the classic Translucent Tanjun Pipe

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