slow burning organic hemp wick
organic hemp wick rope for smoking
summerland organic beeswax hemp wick booklet
ceramic bong with organic hemp wick by summerland
Organic Beeswax Hemp Wick
Organic Beeswax Hemp Wick

Organic Beeswax Hemp Wick

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Introducing Organic Hemp Wicks by iconic brand Summerland Ceramics. 

Upgrade your smoking ritual by getting more efficient and flavorful hits from lighting up. 


  • Made from organic hemp and natural beeswax ONLY
  • Long lasting, slow burning wick 
  • 4.20 Feet of wick per booklet (about the size of a matchbook) 

How to use a wick:  Simply light the end of the wick with a flame and pass it over the bowl. This technique gives the user more control and allows the material to b "toasted."