PARA is ...

... an online shop that specializes in paraphernalia for the aesthetically high-minded consumer. We aim to elevate the perception of a traditional smoke shop by exclusively providing premium quality products designed with unique elements of artistry and craftsmanship. We worked tirelessly to curate an unparalleled assortment, meticulously selecting the best of: pipes, bongs, papers, trays, scents, and much more. In addition to their robust functionality, most of our products double as delightful pieces of décor- enhancing your mood even when not in use. 

... a supporter of *higher* education. Knowledge is power. There is a lot to learn about *the* plant and its accompanying tools and not enough thorough-yet-digestible resources. Through our "HIGHER ED" blog [launching October 2021], we are focusing on educating the customer on the continually evolving and expanding world of smoking accessories. "Higher Ed" will feature a collection of videos, blog posts, and interviews- empowering our customer with the knowledge to browse with confidence. 

... focused on community. We look beyond just business and feel a strong obligation to bettering our world. Therefore, we pledge to:

  • Directly donate a portion of Para's revenues to the 'Last Prisoner Project' non-profit organization. 
  • Utilize only eco-friendly shipping methods
  • Continue to champion new talents and source from small business

... Women owned

... BIPOC led

Brooklyn, New York